10 of Our Favourite Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion Youtube Vloggers

April 04, 2017

Hey, Lovelies!

We trust you are all doing fabulously. 

Today, we thought we'd let you in on some of our most beloved beauty, fashion and lifestyle Youtube vloggers. These ladies inspire us and leave us with that "feel good" feeling, but they also provide us with hours of viewing pleasure; style hauls, make-up and hair tutorials, travel and family life, and so much more. Of course, there are many other vloggers we follow but this would turn into the-never-ending-post if we didn't show some restraint. 

Here we go:

The love for this one is real! Her style is always on point and she has these gorgeous eyes you just get lost in. What we love most about her is how we relate to her so much. We're both more introverted yet doing this blogging (and, hopefully, eventually vlogging) thing and so is she! If you're looking for a new vlogger to watch, with impeccable fashion sense, a sweet heart & laidback vibe, Samantha's your girl.

Teni's got style & beauty in spades. Ultra chic! She mostly posts make-up tuts but she has loads of hair, fashion & travel vlogs too. We love her because she's just goals. Exotic beauty, laidback vibe, and we absolutely adore her make-up style. Her looks just work, are easy to recreate and always trendy.
We've mentioned Curly Proverbz before on this blog. She's our hair guru. This beautiful soul is always so lovely to watch. Her hair care tips and tricks are amazing, but honestly, it has to be her wonderful energy that keeps us coming back for more.
Yes, we know Tanya's everyone's fav... We've been watching her since 2012, so at this point we are too invested haha. We love her because she's just sooo sweet! We really enjoy people with positive energy [clearly!], and Tanya just seems to be overflowing with it. Her baking, chit-chat vids and tutorials are always fun.

Kaushal is a UK based beauty guru of Indian decent, so you know her make-up & style is going to be on point! We always pick up awesome pointers from her videos, plus she's just so lovely to look at, dammit!

South African gold. This beauty is the total package. Her style's amazing, we can relate to her a little more because she's our countrywoman, and also there's just something incredibly relaxing about her vibe and tone of voice. Love.

Not only is she an absolute sweetheart with a lovely personality & an even lovelier smile, but she's also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. If you follow her blog or Instagram you'll understand. She has fast become one of our favourite style and travel vloggers.

Ellen Fisher
We love watching Ellen's vlogs because they're so wholesome. She's all about that healthy, happy family life. If you're into veganism, recipes, adorable kids, the beach, and positive vibes, you'll have to check her out.

Miss Carli Bybel just has a beautiful heart, man. Her warmth and desire to inspire others (which is something we're passionate about ourselves) is what has kept us loyal viewers for all these years. Plus, her make-up game is out of this world too. Carli also does hair tuts, and fitness vids with her boyfriend.

We believe Nikkie was sent down to Earth to bring mindbogglingly amazing make-up skills to the masses. Her work is awesome, guys! It might not be 100% relatable to everyone but it's still pretty darn awesome. She's also super cute and funny, so her videos are quite the treat. 

Who are some of your favourite vloggers? Let us know. Share the viewing-pleasure love!

Til next post
Stay beautiful, babes! xx

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