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March 26, 2017

Howdy Lovelies!

We trust you're having a rocking end to your glorious weekend.

We thought we'd document our weekend style choices for your viewing and reading pleasure. We're featuring some fashion pieces as well as our motd. The unofficial theme of the weekend was breathing new life into items that we thrifted back when/haven't used in ages.

On Friday, Lana rocked a strappy-backed black top with an ombre denim high-waisted shorts with frayed waistband detailing. The strappy black top was a diy project she did years ago when she needed an outfit to wear to the club. She was barely 18, hence not having anything club-worthy to wear. So this top was born.

On Saturday, Kim rocked some dark-wash jeans which she cut the bottoms off of to give the jeans a trendier look. She paired it with an oversized check shirt which she inherited from an ex, as well as fishnet stockings and a brown open-toed bootie. Relaxed yet snatched.

On Sunday, we decided to get a little glam and whipped out an old palette we bought together back in 2015 at our local beauty supply store. They were on sale and so we were compelled to pick them up! We've only really used it a handful of times because honestly, the quality isn't anything to write home about. The shades are super cute though and for the price, it's whatevs.

For Kim's look, she went with a metallicy amethyst eye-shadow all over the lid. It was so pretty there was no need for anything more. For the skin, she just used a light Garnier BB Cream. On the lips, she went for a simple nude. It was all about the eyes today.

For Lana's look, she went for some neutral bronze-gold shades on the eyes, and on the lips, a mauve/berry matte lip. On the skin she went for a glowy look, using the Revlon Colorstay foundation and a pop of highlight on the cheeks.

Since we couldn't link any of these products for you, we've decided to link similar items instead.

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Til next post,
Stay expressive xx

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