My Hair Journey | How I Transitioned & Grew Long, Healthy Hair

March 23, 2017

Hey there, lovelies!

The other day I randomly had the urge to go through some old pictures of myself; some dating back quite a few years and some a little more recent. I was feeling pretty nostalgic, I guess.
So, as I'm flipping through them, I cringe at some of my old style choices (as you do) and laugh at some of the memories, and then I notice how damaged my hair was.

I remember how "spirited" my hair was as a child. Thick and curly.
I remember (as I'm sure all curly girls do...) my mother desperately combing through my knotty hair for school, me crying, shining from whatever hair oil she used, and those tight braids employed as an attempt to tame my unruly mane. The struggle was immense!

After a few years of this, my mother decided it was time for my first chemical straightner. I was 10. Looking back now, I wish I never had it done. But at the time I was so happy! No more precious time wasted on getting my hair to look "neat", plus straight hair was totally "in" when I was growing up. The poop only started hitting the fan years later, I was in my early 20s and treating my hair like crap. Colouring it, relaxing it, constantly heat-styling it (I even use to flat iron it damp sometimes!!), and never treating it. I often think back to that girl and wonder who the heck she was!
Eventually, my hair looked like a dead mess.

Getting real for a second... Growing up with a very particular standard of beauty thrust upon you (as we all have) and not meeting those requirements can be tough. Of course, we want to conform to those standards, but trying to change yourself in the hopes of fitting into someone else's mold will never feel comfortable, and it will never be worth it.
There is nothing about your natural self that is inappropriate. Nothing. - Now back to my story...

In early 2013, I decided I'd had enough. After repeatedly asking hairdressers (who were chemically relaxing my hair at the time) for ways to transition back to my natural hair and getting the "it's impossible, your hair will break off" line, I decided to do my own research. And where do you go when you want to know anything (besides Google)? Youtube!

Youtube lead me to a channel called Curly Proverbz and my hair was saved! If you have hair, you should definitely check out her channel. I tried one of her henna gloss recipes and even my then-boyfriend said it looked like my hair had been resurrected from the dead. I never had a chemical straightener or relaxer again. *By the way, this post is not sponsored/an ad haha

These days, I give my hair regular treatments, mostly weekly, usually inspired by Ayurveda, with things I find in my kitchen and other natural goodies. I still use the henna sometimes, amla powder (very messy), coconut oil, eggs, honey, etc. I prefer the natural stuff but some store bought products are amazing as well and less messy. Keeping your hair moisturised , especially as a curly-person, is SUPER important. I truly believe it's what saved my hair during the transition phase from processed to natural. And to all those hairdressers who told me it couldn't be done... I did it. My hair has never been this healthy, or long.

Here are just a few things I do to keep my hair healthy:

  • Snipping those ends regularly. I usually do this myself, but going to a salon is a good idea too
  • Mixing a little bit of oil into my conditioner. I do this every time I wash. Coconut oil's my fav for this
  • Weekly treatments. This will depend on your hair type, but for my hair weekly works best. Mix it up. One week I might do a hot-oil treatment, the next I might do a protein treatment I whip up myself using egg and a few other ingreds. I find the treatments more effective when I keep them rotating
  • A good leave-in conditioner or serum works wonders
  • Co-washing is life
  • Finding a cleanser that is sulfate-free, or a non-shampoo cleanser really gave me awesome results
Whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy, straight, coarse, fine, thick, thin, it doesn't matter. All hair is good hair when it's healthy!

Hope you enjoyed this read. We will be posting some of our favourite hair-care recipes in future posts, so be sure to follow us if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.

Til then,
Stay healthy, lovelies xx

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