TMI TAG: Sister Edition ;)

January 11, 2017

We thought we'd do this little tag just to break the ice and have a some fun. So let's get stuck in!

1: Have you ever been in love?

Kim: What a way to but yes, who hasn't! I'm a hopeful romantic :D

Lana: I am right now.. ;)

2. Do you have any piercings?

Kim: Yup, 3 in each ear. That's it.

Lana: None! Sadly my bod can't stand them :(

3. Any tattoos?

Kim: Nope. I wouldn't mind but not bothered either way.

Lana. No tats, yet. Coming soon though :D

4. What's your fav drink?

Kim: Water/ice tea/green tea.. But when it comes to alcohol, any cocktail with RUM.

Lana: Give me a chocolate milkshake any day and I'm I love a good long island too.

5. Zodiac sign?

Kim: Libra.. nuff said.

Lana: I'm a cusp baby, Taurus and Gemini. So technically I have 3 signs haha

6. How long does it take you to shower?

Kim: 15-20 mins, but that doesn't include shaving, washing hair, exfoliating etc.

Lana: 30mins just to shower..but after adding all my other routines more like an hour (covers face in shame)

7. Fav show?

Kim & Lana in unison: COME DINE WITH ME UK..haha. If you watch it you understand. Love British tv!

8. Something you miss?

Kim: Nothing. I live in the now

Lana: I miss my school days so much! Twas care-free and fun-filled <3

9. How long do you take to get ready in the morning?

Kim: 2 Hours depending on what I'm doing with my hair that day, as that is what takes the longest to tame!

Lana: About an hour and a half. Once I'm finally out of the shower I'm actually pretty speedy.

10. What turns you on?

Kim: Nature, and being around people who are happy and exude positivity, and have a genuine appreciation of life.

Lana: Being around kind people, who are accepting and up for anything..even my weirdness!

11. What turns you off?

Kim: The opposite of my answer to question 10!


12. Qualities you look for in a partner?

Kim: Kindness is huge for me, respect for all life, willingness to live with an open heart and mind, and must be fun.

Lana: Completely accepting, respectful, great sense of humour, and a heart of gold.

13. What's the last thing that made you cry?

Kim: I cry at the drop of a dime, so probably a video I watched on Facebook last

Lana: Same except the video I watched was on Youtube.haha

14. Meaning behind your blog name?

We're sisters and these are our chronicles.

15. The last time you said you loved someone?

Kim: To God/the Universe this morning.

Lana: To bae. Everyday. Haha

16. Last place you were?

Kim: The beach, yesterday.

Lana: Hermanus <3

17. The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

Kim: A random guy on Facebook asking for a date. So no relationship there whatsoever.

Lana: My mom, she sent me an inspirational pic via she does

18. Fav food?

Kim: Anything Mediterranean and anything spicy.

Lana: Anything with cheese!!!

Kim: Oh yes, and anything with cheese.

19. Place you want to visit?

Kim: Too many to mention. The Med, Asia, Caribbean, the world!

Lana: Everywhere, but I'm currently obsessed with Jamaica.

20. Last time you kissed someone?

Kim & Lana: Our dog/brother, just now.

21. Favourite flavour of sweet?

Kim: Sour sweets.

Lana: Chocolate

22. Favourite piece of jewellery?

Our own little jewellery collection, Aurum Accessories.

23. Last time you hung out with anyone?

Kim: Right now, with you

Lana: Uh, same of course. New friends, yay

That's it for the TMI Tag. Hope you all found this even remotely entertaining.

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