Quick and Easy Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe | #ThirstyThursday

January 19, 2017

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Hey Lovelies!

Feelin' thirsty? We sure are! And what better to quench your thirst than a delicious (and super easy!) grapefruit cocktail by the pool? Here's our go-to recipe:


* Liquor of your choice (we use Brandy)
* Grapefruit juice
* Simple syrup (optional)
* Lots of ice


If you want to make your own simple syrup, here's how. Equal parts white sugar to water. Then bring the mixture to a boil, then let it simmer until the sugar dissolves for about 3 - 4 minutes
. Once the mixture becomes a runny syrup, it's done. Let it cool completely before using in cocktails.

Add your liquor into desired jug, the amount is up to you but we suggest starting with quarter of a bottle then adding more to taste if you want.

Add in your grapefruit juice, again amount is up to you. Start with less and add more to taste.

Next, add the simple syrup. This step is optional but if you prefer your cocktails sweeter, then add simple syrup slowly to taste.

And voila, your cocktail is ready! Add ice to your glass and enjoy. Do not add ice to the jug as it will water it down.

You can decorate if you'd like by adding salt to the rim of your glass, or garnish with fruit of your choice. Have fun with it!

We hope you like this recipe. It's super quick and easy, but always a winner. Leave a comment down below if you've tried it and liked it! And please drink responsibly. Haha


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