How To Bag A "BAE" Before Valentine's Day! #WishlistWednesday

January 18, 2017

Hello Lovelies!

So here we are... another Valentine's season fast approaching.We can hardly believe it!

So today we thought we'd help our singletons out with a few handy-dandy tips on "How To Bag A Bae before Valentine's Day"! Yay! 😜

This post is meant to be just a bit of fun, BUT before we get to the fun lets get real for a sec...

We're not sure how you all experienced Val's Day when you were growing up, but for us it was kind of anxiety inducing. There just seemed to be too much pressure. The pressure of dressing up (in white and red...*sigh); the pressure of giving someone a gift; receiving a gift NOT receiving a gift, & finally professing your undying love to that month's crush... It's a lot for a kid to take.
The years roll by and you take all of this expectation & anxiety into your adult life. Whether you're conscious of it or not.
Now you're a grown-ass-woman (or man), & still feeling the madness of trying to keep up with the social expectations of, having a bae, doing something uber romantic, showing off on social media, receiving tons of flowers & chocolates & stuff with ribbons & bows, & all the while forgetting what the day actually stands for.
*phew* Okay...Let's breathe for a sec...
So, what we're trying to say is... You don't need a bae. You don't need to allow the idea of a day or the expectations of other people to make you feel less-than. You're cool just as you are. Yes, this sounds cliche and cheesy but it just happens to be true.

Now that we've gotten all that out of the way, & you STILL want bae before Valentine's Day, then lets get into a few of our tips on how to do so 😁💥

Tip #1 : Promise Yourself That You'll Go Through With This.
Be brave & don't back down. We all know how easy it can be to just give up. But there's no giving up on V-Bae, baby. Not this year.

Tip #2 : Decide On Who Bae's Going To Be.
It could be the cute guy/girl from Instagram that just started following you, the random FaceBook friend you've only just realised you had, a guy/girl at the office or gym, or maybe a friend you've been secretly in love with for ages. Just pick someone & lets move on.

Tip #3 : Start Showing Interest.
Start following their socials, liking their posts, retweeting their tweets, sharing their get the drill. Then amp things up by not just liking but commenting on their stuff! Keep going with this til right before it starts getting creepy.

Tip #4 : Be Daring.
Take the next step... Get yourself in those DMs. This gesture is universally understood as a signal that someone's into you. So... go ahead & say hello.

Tip #5 : Be YOURSELF.
This one is a no-brainer. Being yourself from the start always leads to a more fulfilling and authentic relationship. Faking or pretending is way too much work. And you want to enjoy your Val Day, right? So let the true you hang out & if they can;'t deal then that's their loss *Bye

Tip #6 : Be Even More Daring.
So you've made contact, you've been chatting for 2-3 days, and it seems like they still haven't gotten the picture, it's time to go BOLD. Ask them out. Get straight to the point. It's 2017 & we don't have the time for messing around, wasting time & energy. Now, we know this is easier said than done, but it will be worth it because after you'll know exactly where you stand or you'll have a hot date. Win- win.

Tip #7 : Don't Fear Rejection.
Again, easier said than done, but we promise you that you'll be so much happier when you realise that "rejection" is not as bad or scary as it seems. Rather choose to see rejection as preferring something else. We all have preferences. That's the way we're set up. It's the variety and spice of life. So if your selected V-Bae rejects your date offer, allow them to have their own preferences & know that just because they don't prefer you doesn't mean you're not amazing as you are!So just move on to your next pick & repeat previous steps. 😂

Tip #8 : Confidence Is King.
Confidence is sexy! All the time. This is a universally accepted fact. We're talking true/authentic, quiet confidence here, not the fake, arrogant, conceited kind. When you're confident in yourself, you feel comfortable in almost any situation and people can definitely feel that energy. So if you do bag that date with bae, your ease will put them at ease (and vice versa) & this makes for a fun date & allows you the space to really get to know one another & hopefully take this relationship beyond just Valentine's Day 😏 If you aren't a very confident person, not to worry... fake it til you make it. Do something that makes you feel it, whether that's wearing a hot new outfit or having a workout before, whatever works for you. And remember that we are all human, we have insecurities, the key is to accept these insecurities but choose to invest more of your energy into fully embracing your worth instead. It's a never-ending process, but it gets easier with practice.

Tip #9 : Keep Your Standards.
Seriously wanting a Valentine doesn't give you the go-ahead to let all your standards fly out the window. If, after spending time with your V-Bae selection, you aren't comfortable with something about them or red flags are coming up then just let them go! Don't continue just to get through Valentine's Day. It;s not fair to you or bae. Move on to selection #2 or just wait for next year. 😛

Tip #10 : Banish Expectations.
Let all those expectations of how things are supposed to go, or look, or be, go. Let them fade away into nothingness. Just relax, open yourself up, be free, ride the wave and just have FUN. It's not that deep. You'll thank yourself later. Whether you end up spending the day/night with a lover, alone or with friends/fam, just resolve yourself to being happy.  Bae will come eventually. Til then, enjoy what you already have - your loved ones, life, yourself.

These "tips" could be applied to basically every area of life haha ... So we hope you enjoyed the read & maybe found at least one gem to take away with you. Or just had a laugh.

Til next post... Take Care
SisterChronix xx

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