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January 31, 2017

Hey Lovelies,

A little while ago, we took a day trip to the breathtaking Vredenheim Wildlife and Winery. This beautiful gem is nestled in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly faces and accommodating staff who led us into the stunning estate, boasting beautiful gardens which really set the tone for a lovely afternoon to come.

We timidly entered the Cat Park, ever so weary of being so close to these beautiful, classic cats. Come to find, it wasn't that fear-inducing after all! Our tour started off with the majestic lion pride. We made it just in time to witness their daily feeding, and boy was it a feast for the eyes! The park is also home to a leopard, cheetah, tigers, and a vixen-like caracal. A surprising and oh-so-cute addition to this cat-haven, were little bunny rabbits, ostrich, zebra, and loads more. If you're looking for a perfect place to bring the whole family, or just to enjoy some stellar South African wine, Vredenheim ticks the whole list. There is also a restaurant on the grounds, although we took our bellies elsewhere.

Look at her face in the pool 😂

Once our Cat Park Tour came to an end, we meandered through the garden and made our way to the wine-tasting. We were served a selection of 5 Vredenheim wines, all of which were yum (this is not a sponsored post) haha. Our personal fav would have to be the Sauvignon Blanc, it was so light and refreshing on that scorcher of a day. We bid farewell to Vredenheim and on our drive back to town, we realised our grumbling tummies needed some serious nom'age! We booked it to Bossa Cafe, Tygerfalls and had one of their lunchtime specials coupled with a jam jar or two (or three but who's counting!). Love the relaxed yet fun vibe of that place.

Hope you enjoyed reading about us reminiscing about our little casual outing. Let us know where you like to go for a relaxed day out.

Til next post,

Keep it wild xx

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